Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability reporting is an internal and external communication tool that can give you a solid competitive advantage by demonstrating your sustainability efforts. It makes your company attractive to (external) stakeholders, customers, banks and employees.

Objective & Concept

The scope is determined in consultation with the client. A number of questions are important. For example:

  • is sustainability reporting a legal obligation for the company?

  • how and what does the company wish to communicate?

  • what is the current state of affairs concerning sustainability? What are the efforts being made today?

These first stages of the assessment are done in close cooperation with the clients' organization and its stakeholders and employees.

Mantis Consulting works according to the SDG reporting framework, but a combination with GRI, CDP or other standards is possible. We then determine what type of product will be delivered. Will it be a stand-alone sustainability report or an integrated report (combined annual report and sustainability report)? Do we deliver a website, interactive pdf or digimagazine in co-operation with our partners?

Sustainability reporting requires a decent planning and is an interactive process involving the organization, its stakeholders and employees, top-level executives and consultants. The process usually takes several months.

Data Collection & Reporting

When working towards a sustainability report, the materiality analysis is an important step in the early stages of the assessment - if not done so already. It is a methodology that is used to identify and estimate the most relevant sustainability themes which might impact the business and its stakeholders. The selection of these themes - or materialities - is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). They provide a structural framework for a more concrete interpretation of the objectives for the implementation of sustainable business practices.

The necessary data is collected, analyzed and reported. Mantis Consulting determines a storyline, data visualization plan and report layout in consultation with your organization. Our communication partners can support the dissemination efforts to maximize exposure.

Communication & Stakeholder Engagement

We already mentioned that engagement of the right stakeholders inside and outside the company is essential. Mantis Consulting tackles this through a co-creation process with the right stakeholders, not in the least the company's management.

Internal communication is included throughout the process and the end result is an efficient communication tool for the chosen target audience. A well thought-out communication strategy for the launch of the report makes sure that your company becomes more attractive to (external) stakeholders, customers, banks and employees.

The Result?

  • Insight into the sustainability performance of your organization

  • Unique content in the form of a tailormade sustainability report

  • Sustainability dataset and visualizations

  • Higher stakeholder engagement