Energy Audit

The goal of an energy audit is twofold: gaining insight in your energy consumption and defining measures that will save both energy and costs, including the potential for renewable energy production. We help you define the priorities and provide an energy action plan that defines both quick wins and interesting long-term strategic investments.


The objective is to have a better understanding of the activities and their impact on the total energy consumption, while identifying cost saving measures. Another important aspect of an energy audit is to estimate the potential for renewable energy production and other long term strategic investments to increase security of supply and grid independence.


The site visit is important to get a better understanding of the clients activities and processes. A lot of data is collected, and data gaps are identified. Data availability and quality can be an important bottleneck in identifying appropriate measures. Improving data collection and availability and transparancy can be part of the analysis. 


The audit report provides insight into the energy consumption profile, the most important energy consuming installations and processes, and defines the relevant measures and opportunities to reduce energy consumption and/or potential for renewable energy.

An indispensable part of the audit report is the action plan. The plan prioritizes the opportunities, and sets realistic objectives and deadlines for the implementation of the measures.


In the implementation phase, you keep Pareto's 80-20 rule in mind: focus on what is important. Mantis helps you monitor progress and provides independent advice and guidance. 


  • Insight into your company's energy consumption.

  • An energy consumption that is typically 5 to 20% lower.

  • A corresponding lower energy bill.

  • A more sustainable business that reduces GHG emissions.

  • A clear path for increased energy efficiency.