Sustainability Audit & Plan

The goal of a sustainability audit is twofold: gaining insight in the sustainability performance of your company, and defining measures that will help your company improve its sustainability performance. We help you define the priorities and provide a sustainability plan that defines current performance, quick wins and long-term targets - for example carbon neutrality.


The objective is to develop a tailor-made sustainability plan for the long term. To do so, companies need to have a better understanding of the key stakeholders and the company's activities and their impact on GHG emissions and other sustainability criteria. It is also important to know what the motives are and whether the focus is on certification, energy/emissions savings or PR and communication? These are important topics to consider before - and during - the materiality analysis.


When working towards a sustainability plan, the materiality analysis is an important step in the early stages of the assessment. It is a methodology that is used to identify and estimate the most relevant sustainability themes which might impact the business and its stakeholders. The selection of these themes - or materialities - is based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). They provide a structural framework for a more concrete interpretation of the objectives in the later stages of the assessment.


A site visit is important to get a better understanding of the clients' activities and processes, so that the materiality analysis can be translated in concrete targets and action points. A lot of data is collected, and data gaps are identified. Data availability and quality can be an important bottleneck in identifying appropriate action points. Improving data collection and availability and transparancy can be a target in itself.


The audit report provides insight into the company's sustainability performance and defines the relevant measures and opportunities to make your company more sustainable. An indispensable part of the audit report is the action plan. The plan prioritizes the opportunities and action points in line with the defined objectives, and aims to set realistic deadlines for implementation.


In the implementation phase, you put the emphasis on the defined priorities. The responsibility for the execution of the actions point lies with the company itself. Mantis helps you monitor progress and provides independent advice and guidance, and recommends an annual evaluation of the targets.


  • Insight into your company's sustainability performance.

  • Positive image and improved reputation.

  • A clear path for sustainable entrepeneurship of your company.

  • More efficient use of energy, water, waste and products, saving costs.

The sustainability plan is an excellent basis for an extended sustainability report and other sustainability communication efforts.