Mantis Approach

Through an integrated approach, we identify all opportunities that add long term value to your business. Read more about the Mantis approach below.

Integrated Solutions

We always strive for a tailormade integrated solution that takes into account the many facets of an efficient organization. This requires a comprehensive and company-specific approach to energy and sustainability. The name Mantis is inspired by nature, because we believe that nature provides inspiration for a wide range of sustainability challenges at the company level. Think about energy efficiency and conservation, circularity, waste, and so on, all perfected by nature over the course of billions of years. Furthermore, the Mantis knows how to deal with a wide variety of challenges, so you'll find it all over the world, from tropical rainforests to deserts, increasing the long term survival of the species. At Mantis we try to include and convey these qualities in our approach and consultancy. We combine our expertise in energy and sustainability, and seek to maximize added value for the long term. That is why we also pay a lot of attention to communication. Many companies are making a difference, with the potential of inspiring others. Through communication your sustainability efforts often lead to direct valorisation.

Overview and Creativity

The integration of sustainable technologies is a big challenge, especially in a densely populated regions. A good overview of the possibilities and a certain amount of creativity can lead to the right solutions in challenging situations.


Companies that are able to use a changing environment to their advantage are a big step ahead of the competition. Energy and sustainability requirements will become increasingly strict and technology is developing at lightning speed. Keeping up is a challenge. Mantis Consulting ensures that you are able to focus on your core business and makes your company future-proof and robust in terms of energy and sustainability.


Energy and sustainability are embedded in many aspects of your organization. Mantis Consulting looks for opportunities pro-actively, regardless of the scope of our assignment. We are opportunity driven and aim to bring value through creativity for the benefit of your organization. This includes subsidies, savings, synergies, efficient use of time and resources.

We are your single point of contact to identify the best approach to your energy and sustainability challenges.

Communication about energy and sustainability efforts is important for the image of a company.

E. Lemey


Communication is an integral part of the Mantis approach. During each step, we think about the opportunities for internal and external communication about your organization's efforts. Communication about energy and sustainability efforts is important for the image of a company, and will become a necessity for those who want to distinguish themselves from the competition. It also makes your company more attractive to employees, customers, banks and other stakeholders. Sustainable entrepreneurship provides a strong competitive advantage, that is increased through communication! Mantis Consulting provides data for a fitting storyline, data visualization plan and other data driven communication. Our communication partners can support the dissemination efforts to maximize exposure.