Renewable Energy

Installations for local energy production can be a good way to reinvest profits. But you do not need a large amount of capital to profit from local (renewable) energy production. There are different interesting opportunities for companies that do not have the budgets and/or spatial capabilities. These solutions allow you to benefit from cheap green energy, without the higher risk that comes with own investments.

What other solutions exist?

Besides solar power, everyone is more ore less familiar with wind turbines. But have you ever thought about combined heat and power installations (CHP)? Companies that need both electricity and heat can benefit from a CHP installation. Usually such a plant uses natural gas, but biogas, biomass or hydrogen as a fuel are also possible.

Today, battery storage is usually of limited interest to companies. But besides the use as so called peak shaving units, a combination of solar panels and EV charging stations can provide an interesting business case. Especially when in the process of electrifying your car fleet.

Integration of the energy-producing units with the utilities is also worth looking at. Just think of steam production with CHP, or the coupling of solar panels and heat pumps. 

Can I apply for subsidies?

There are still a lot of different financial incentives for renewable energy an energy-efficiency, both for local production and other energy-related investments. Read more.

However, it is a misconception that renewable energy needs financial incentives to be competitive or profitable. Depending on your specific consumption profile, a profitable investment without subsidies is absolutely possible. On the basis of a feasibility study, we determine which investments could be interesting for your company.

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