Our experts provide support in evaluating, monitoring, and improving your sustainability strategy. From an ESG materiality assessment to the implementation of sustainable business practices and certification. Start exploring the possibilities here.


Sustainable entrepreneurship or corporate social responsibility (CSR) is about balancing three important pillars in your business: people, planet and prosperity/profit. It is not only about climate and the environment, but as much about social and economical aspects.


The carbon footprint is an important parameter to evaluate the environmental performance of your company. If you are serious about sustainability, tackling your GHG emissions is first on the list.


Carbon credits have been a hot topic in recent news. Both China and the EU have put forward new carbon plans recently. Both plans involve carbon credits, but what are they?


An efficient quick scan or a high-quality and highly detailed life cycle assessment. Mantis Consulting works according to the procedures set out in ISO standards 14040 and 14044.