In 2020 Bram De Keulenaere and Emile Lemey decided to join forces and take on a new professional challenge. Together they founded Mantis Consulting and the former fellow bio-engineering students became partners. They combine expert knowledge and experience in a set of relevant services for professional clients. Their focus is on energy and sustainability, but they also have a common perspective on current environmental challenges. Their joint insights lead to well balanced and integrated solutions, focused on cost-saving optimizations for the long term, and supported by an opportunity-driven approach. 

Bram De Keulenaere has been active as a consultant for many years in various sectors with different energy and sustainability challenges. He likes to use his broad knowledge and network to achieve the best possible result. He has a background with consultancy firms Arcadis and DLV. Emile, on the other side, was active for many years at Jan De Nul and was mainly involved in environmental management and sustainability, offshore renewable energy and ecosystem services. Mantis is in close contact with the academic world and other research institutes in order to be able to deliver state-of-the-art advice for its clients.


Mantis Consulting is your Ghentian energy and sustainability consultant.

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